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Raised Skillion Patio Roof

Raised Skillion Patios

Raised Skillion Patio Roofs are a great way to have everything a patio roof can provide.

Benefits and options

  • A high ceiling giving an open feel unlike lower roofs which can make you feel closed in. Using insulated roofing creates a cooler environment along with an easy to clean ceiling finish similar to your home.

  • The option of having a fixed polycarbonate skylight to rear to allow extra light.

  • Or even better the option of having glass louvres to rear for extra light. This option also allows opening of louvres to allow breeze through like a flyover roof or closing the louvres to stop wind or rain entering in adverse conditions.


What's included with all insulated panel roofs we build

  • The foam core reduces heat, making your patio area and home cooler.

  • It can span great distances, up to 8.6 metres. Depending on wind rating and type of attachment to the house, which means less beams giving a larger uninterrupted ceiling area.

  • Lightwires can be concealed inside the joins of the roofing. No unsightly electrical conduits to see.

  • It has a flat ceiling finish, comparable to inside homes.

  • Comes in a corrugated and ribbed finish on top, which, depending on the colour, can match your home.

  • Easy to maintain and won’t produce mildew under the ceiling from condensation. More information on the product we use can be viewed here.


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