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Carport Roofs Off Fascia or Wall

Carport off garage

Carport roofs attached to the house fascia or house wall are the most affordable in the range of patios we build.

Benefits include

  • The most affordable of insulated Carport roofs.

  • Sealed at rear to house fascia or house wall ensures no elements of weather will penetrate where it meets the home.

  • House gutter can be removed to gain extra height with a flashing under house onto patio roof to guarantee water seal at fascia.



What's included with all insulated panel roofs we build

  • The foam core reduces heat, making your patio area and home cooler.

  • It can span great distances, up to 8.6 metres. Depending on wind rating and type of attachment to the house, which means less beams giving a larger uninterrupted ceiling area.

  • Lightwires can be concealed inside the joins of the roofing. No unsightly electrical conduits to see.

  • It has a flat ceiling finish, comparable to inside homes.

  • Comes in a corrugated and ribbed finish on top, which, depending on the colour, can match your home.

  • Easy to maintain and won’t produce mildew under the ceiling from condensation. More information on the product we use can be viewed here.


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